Help! Wendy Windstorm has terrible sneezes!
Grumpy Harry's poems blew away with her breezes!
Wendy needs your super smarts to conquer alliteration, simile, and more
in this puppet adventure straight from Urban Stages' library tour!


'Blown Away by Poetry' has performed in the following venues and is available for bookings beginning January, 2014. Call or email Urban Stages today to reserve a performance for your location:

  • Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)
  • New York International Fringe Festival
  • Puppets & Poets Festival with Alphabet Arts at the Brooklyn Starr
  • Poet's House
  • Chapin School
  • The New York Public Library
  • The Little Red Schoolhouse


For information, please call Urban Stages at Urban Stages at 212-421-1380 or email